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Administration & Support Staff
Name Position Email
Omar Espitia Principal oespitia@csisd.org
Danny Morchat Assistant Principal dmorchat@csisd.org
Jennifer Rhea Assistant Principal jrhea@csisd.org
Tori Hunter Principal's Secretary thunter@csisd.org
Ambethy West Counselor awest@csisd.org
Deanne Holmes Registrar aholmes@csisd.org
Keisha Brown Attendance Clerk kebrown@csisd.org
Erin Bernheim Receptionist ebernheim@csisd.org
Pegan Heyman Office Assistant mheyman@csisd.org
Jessica Taylor
Rebecca Bishop Librarian rbishop@csisd.org
Virginia Westley Librarian Assistant vwestley@csisd.org
Deputy Joe Contreras School Resource Deputy joecontreras@csisd.org
Chase Williams Support Staff: ISS  
Cheryl Bastian English 7 cbastian@csisd.org
Candance Cheves English 7  ccheves@csisd.org
Jenny Marquardt English 7 jmarquardt@csisd.org
Ginger Daniel English 8/Yearbook gdaniel@csisd.org
Cindy Koehler English 8 ckoehler@csisd.org
Beth Stromberg English 8 bstromberg@csisd.org
Rhonda Gray Literacy Specialist rhondagray@csisd.org
Cynthia Crisp Math 7 ccrisp@csisd.org
Noreen Junek Math 7 njunek@csisd.org
Stephen Mercer Math 7  smercer@csisd.org
Matthew Bywater Math 8 mbywater@csisd.org
Emily Harding Math 8 eharding@csisd.org
Caroline Hermann Geometry chermann@csisd.org
Brittany Gwinner Math 8 bgwinner@csisd.org
Jenny Walterscheid Math Specialist jwalterscheid@csisd.org
Eric Coker Texas History ecoker@csisd.org
Charles Matzig Texas History cmatzig@csisd.org
Jon Ross Texas History  jross@csisd.org
Molly McDaniel U.S. History mmcdaniel@csisd.org
Jimmy Pollard U.S. History jpollard@csisd.org
Janson Soltis U.S. History jsoltis@csisd.org
Michelle Abney Science 7 mabney@csisd.org
Javan Cashaw Science 7 javanbooker@csisd.org
Kathy Polzer Science 7 kpolzer@csisd.org
Kelly Kastner Science 8 kkastner@csisd.org
Samora Ofori Science 8 sofori@csisd.org
Shelby Rimlinger Science 8 srimlinger@csisd.org
Physical Education
Dustin McClure Boys Athletic Coord.
Physical Education
Rameisha Blackshear Health/Wellness rblackshear@csisd.org
Jennifer Nelson Girls Athletic Coord.
Physical Education
Karen Westbrook Physical Education kwestbrook@csisd.org
Career & Technology
Wil Auld Computer Literacy  dauld@csisd.org
Becky Davis Keyboarding beckiedavis@csisd.org
Carl Delozier Comm App cdelozier@csisd.org
Christopher Morgan Juvenile Justice
Practical Law
Kristen Hart AVID kristenhart@csisd.org
Beth Sherry STEM esherry@csisd.org
Fine Arts & Foreign Language
Jessica Mata Spanish  jgonzales@csisd.org
Melinda Loggins Art mloggins@csisd.org
Ajuah Powell Theatre Arts ajuahpowell@csisd.org
McKenzie Rangel Orchestra mrangel@csisd.org 
Mayra Rios Spanish mrios@csisd.org
Brian Stout Choir bstout@csisd.org
Ross Weckesser Band rweckesser@csisd.org
Lesley Zorn Band  lzorn@csisd.org
Special Services
Audra Elsik Fund/CT English/Reading aelsik@csisd.org
Brittany Wilson Fund/CT Math brittanywilson@csisd.org
Rose Norwood Content Mastery rnorwood@csisd.org
Shae Carhart Instructional Assistant  
Eileen Craig Instructional Assistant  
Devin Henry AB Teacher dhenry@csisd.org
Mary Keefer AB Assistant  
Miley Smith AB Assistant  
Alyssa Kubichek AB Assistant  
Caroline McRory Speech cmcrory@csisd.org 
Jeanette Smith LSSP jeanettesmith@csisd.org
Jana Ellison Educational Diagnostician  jellison@csisd.org
Cindey Brantley Dyslexia cbrantley@csisd.org
Yvonne Dang ESL Specialist ydang@csisd.org
Lisa Weir ESL Specialist lweir@csisd.org
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